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Discussion in 'Waffle' started by *Chloe, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Aug 27, 2008
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    I dont mean to start things all over again, just everytime i log on, someone's made a thread either about me or talking about me and it gets locked before i can say anything in there, and i have to sit back and read insults.

    Really dont understand why you took the time to make an alias, to write a page long hate post about me, when you've A. never met me, B. dont know what im like. Also i didnt read your thread nor do i care to read it having heard snippets already, saying that im ugly and that my design skills are shit is really quite funny coming from you and i have not taken any of them to heart. You think im doing this for my own gain, thats cool, thats your opinion.Im not, i enjoy running the comps, getting mixes out and being in charge of something. Ive done absolutely nothing to you so i really dont understand how you think what you've done doesnt deserve the punishment you got. Voice might have gotten it harsher but i didnt do what he did, voice loved the attention he got and sometimes almost asked for it. If your so angry about what happened to voice and how he was treated and how you thought it was unfair, why in the world would you go and do the SAME thing that was done to him to me. And then bitch about it when the mods are finally doing something about people flaming and personally abusing others???Your a grown man, with over 3000 posts, you wrote a hate thread, your banned, get over it. If you had a problem with me, you could have just messaged me and sorted it out with me, like a adult should. Starting a witch hunt on a forum to "take me down a couple notches" is really sad and pointless.You didnt tell fes you did it out of respect, you got CAUGHT by posting under your real name by accident!

    I personally dont care if your banned or not anymore. Whatever the mods and admins have decided goes. As for talking about bias, the mods took over A DAY to ban you, just to make sure it would be fair. They took their time and all talked it out, so honestly saying what they did is biased and that indi "fancies me" all sounds just a little bit weird and paranoid.

    Im not really sure what your after by writting all these threads, but it seems like you just want to cause trouble by voicing your opinion, and its pretty sad. Ive probably made things a bit worse by posting this but i seriously cant take another thread made were people are talking about what they dont know and you just running your mouth.

    Fes is now going to lock this.
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