My 1st ever mix - Prestige Business - comments please ;)

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    Hey my names jonny 24, from manchester, I've vlisten dnb / jungle on and off throught my earlier years till now, specially the old hysteria pure X sets. but this is the first mix i have ever done. After finally get to grips with traktor pro...i made an effort to get together sum of my favourite oldskool tunes, deep dark n dirty shit, my mixing isnt the best i know but and comments or tips would be appreciated, cheers guys

    Prestige Business - Jungle Mix 2010


    Diplodocus - Noisia
    Heavyweight - DJ Fresh
    Tear You Down - Brookes Brothers
    Narcosis - Calyx
    Sick Note - Ed Rush & Optical
    Police in Helicopter - Congo Natty
    Solvent - Commix
    Ho Bass - D Minds & Dirty Harry
    Time is The Fire - Def Con One
    bad mixMankind - DJ Die & DJ Suv
    Underworld - Aphrodite
    Bad Ass (Take Over Mix) - Aphrodite & Mickey Finn
    baaad mixMan Of Steel - Virus Sydicate
    Alien Girl - Ed Rush & Optical
    The Nine - Bad Company
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