mv all stars live on tonight

on the mv all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time! as special we have a prerecorded set from dj seen part of the burner bros from new york!

line up:

7.00-to8.30 smoking monkey
8.30to9.30 dj seen
9.30to10.30 dj cut
10.30to12.00 dj mangle

the show will include rinsing tunes as:
mv all stars crossed roots rmx
drop bass crossed roots rmx
future prophecies (suprise)

as a tease i got the playlist of dj seen set ! here it is:

DJ Seen - Imported // Exported // Sorted Session 1.

1. Klute - Staticky - Levitated dub
2. Greg Packer - Make Me feel - Gain Dub
3. Jon S - Roller Rink - Dub
4. A-Sides - Whirl VIP - Levitated dub
5. Jon S & Wize - Latin Dub - Dub
6. Shapeshifter & Inster -Dream is Destiny - Dub
7. By Design(origin/trust/alder) - Dilemma rmx.
8. Monkey& Large - Slam! - Gain Dub
9. Mindmachine - illusions - Gain Dub
10.Unknown - Pacman VIP - Dub
11.Dextrous - The Deep (Pish Posh & lo-ki remix) - Dub
12.Burner Brothers feat Trixxie - Where i want you - subtype dub
13.Swarm - Soulsister - eastsides Dub
14.New Republic - why u gotta do me like that - Dub


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10.Unknown - Pacman VIP - Dub
Hmm I heard a few people talkin about this now, anyone got any concrete info?