Muzza :: Dubby/Garagey/I Don't Really Know Mix :: Jan 2012

Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by muzzadj, Jan 25, 2012.

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    My first non-dnb recording. Only had a few albums to play around with as I haven't really been focusing too much on bagging non-dnb stuff so it's pretty much just a mix of Icicle, Distance, Phaeleh, Kryptic Minds and Guido with a couple of other bits chucked in there for good measure! Alot of the tunes were just chucked in the mix with a 'let's hope this works' approach as I don't really know the tunes too well so there may be a few off-key mixes in there but hopefully its generally OK for your listening pleasure! Big up!

    Length: 57m 40s
    Bitrate: 320kbps mp3
    Size: 132mb


    Download: [Uploading]



    All feedback appreciated good or bad :)

    Also sorry for making 2 threads just thought it suited this subforum as much as the members mixes one.​