Muzza Best Of 2015 Liquid Mix

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    The liquid part to the Best of 2015 mixes. Once again the longest one and once again the most fun to record. You can't beat the liquid. Some absolutely amazing tunes this year. Enjoy and happy new year x

    Zen Dub - Shining On Me (Altered Perception Remix)
    Tokyo Prose - Tell Me
    LSB - Walking Blues
    Stealth - The Truth
    Tokalosh & Identified - Wandering Heart
    Roygreen & Protone - Wake Up (Ft. Pennygiles & Nina)
    Halogenix - Beyond The Bounds
    Gerra & Stone - Release My Soul
    Dawn Wall - Between The Sheets (Ft. Artificial Intelligence)
    Satl - Let Me Be The One
    Technimatic v Nils Frahm - Music Is Familiar
    LSB - About Tonight
    Bone - All I Have
    Dropframe - Maze (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
    Dawn Wall - If I Smiled
    Dub Motion - Mercury
    Tokyo Prose - Intimacy
    Technicolour - Centrifuge VIP
    LSB - Mist Of You
    DJ Marky - Silly
    Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions
    LSB - It Finds You (Ft. Tokyo Prose)
    Satl - Perculiar Luv
    Total Science - Walking The Same Lines (Ft. Riya)
    Upfront - Another Place
    Saxxon - The Only One (Ft. Jon Scott)
    Enei - Moment Of Now (Ft. Frank Carter III)
    Calibre - Believe It
    Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (Lenzman Remix)
    Mako, Villem & McLeod - Inner Revolution
    Salaryman - Nocturnal Stories
    Keeno - One More Moment (Ft. Cepasa)
    Villem & McLeod - Sara's Smile (Ft. Durban)
    Halogenix - Shores
    LSB The Hurting (Lenzman Remix)
    Philth - Falling
    Satl & Malaky - This Summer
    Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - One Step Closer
    Jaydan - Dreams
    Dexcell - Water (Ft. Louisa Bass)
    DRS - The View (Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley)
    Dub Motion - Skyfall
    Alix Perez - Losing You
    Technimatic - Remember You
    Tokyo Prose - Intimacy
    Halogenix - All Blue (Ft. Cleveland Watkiss)
    Artificial Intelligence - Rizon
    Jaydan - Sorrow
    Lenzman - Move & Focus (Ft. Dan Stezo) (Submorphics Remix)
    Trilo - Lazy Dreams
    Command Strange - Desire (Ft. MC Fats)
    Liz-E - My Heart (Ft. Lauren Arc)
    London Elektricity - Vapour Trails (LSB Remix)
    June Miller - We Are Not Human (Ft. Hannah Lux)
    Ivy Lab - Focus
    SpectraSoul - Always
    Transparent - These Promises
    Alix Perez - Never Left
    Jaydan - This Could Be
    Artifical Intelligence - Take Me There (Ft. Steo)
    Karma - Sleepless Nights
    Amy Steele - The Wolves (Lenzman Remix)
    Upgrade - Slowly
    Technimatic - Secret Smile (Ft. Lucy Kitchen)
    Calibre - Stoned
    Duoscience & Nelver - Get With It
    Lenzman - Paper Faces (Ft. Martyna Baker) (Ivy Lab Remix)
    Alexus - Take A Nap (Facing Jinx Remix)
    Fourward - Memories Of You (Ft. Grimm)
    Madface - Bright Future
    T:Base - In This Moment (Ft. Charlotte Haining)
    GLXY - Want U
    Nu:Tone - Tides (Ft. Lea Lea)
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    On it
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    Massive track list, with some great blends. Well done mate!
    Shared it on our socials.
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    Thanks man and big up for the share I appreciate that!