Mustard - The Infected

listening... theres a really odd bit of silence where youve chopped up the speech sample at the beginning, id lay some other noise even if its jst fuzz under the whole thing to make it feel more natural.

quite feeling the drums in the intro, not really feeling the bass synth to be honest, but thats just personal preference i guess.
could maybe do with having a quiet shaker layed over the drums? imo

its a bit repetetive too imo.... lots of good ideas here, drum programming is good everything else could do with a bit of variation imo.
Cool, mate; good feedback! I really like the noise idea cause I couldn't really find a solution to that. I already have some shakers, but I think 2 more could do to make some air. To make more variations I think I need to make a dropdown-to-ambient or some sort of dropdown/bridge. The idea was to try to illustrate the movie 28 Weeks Later which has very short pauses of silence, so I tried to do the same in the arrangement of the song. Also I tried to illustrate the visuals in the movie, which I think is "On the run. Sometime you will die... in fear", so I guess that's why the composition is a bit weird. I'm gonna try to add this noise and start to work on a new song with focus on variations and a dropdown part. Thanks, mate! :)
Yeah, I agree. I think I'm gonna try to make some when I get back from vacation, though I think I'm gonna try to make a new song in the same dnb-genre... though it would be nice to try to make the song as perfect as possible. Gonna take a look at it and maybe post a V2 at a later time :) Thanks for feedback! :D
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