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    I've started a new Youtube channel soon and it's all about helping unsigned producers to get their music out into the wide world. The channel will be promoted through my website and this forum and it will be associated with the ARTFX STUDIOS channel. I'm now setting everything up and so I thought let's get down to business and ask all you guys to send me your music. All genres of music are allowed for submission and all submissions must be your own work (remixes are allowed/mashups are not allowed). After you've submitted your music then we will review the submission and decide if we want to promote it on the channel.

    Send your music in a 320 Kbps MP3 to:

    Include the following in your email:
    • your artist name
    • the track title
    • the genre the track can be classified under
    • links to all your social media profiles and/or website
    • small text about the artist (not needed, buf if submitted it will be included in the video description)
    • Some logo or other artwork if you have any (if not submitted we will fix something)
    • If the track is released as a free download then include a direct link to the file (can also be a Soundcloud link)

    That's it! Now send us your music, and we will start promoting it.

    Current uploads:

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