Multi Genre Music Production Seminar with Mind Vortex (RAM) / DubKasm + More

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    We're back again with another massive day of talks, tutorials and cutting edge music production information to get your music sounding BIG.

    This time the awesome Mind Vortex from the Ram Records stable will be representing the label for the first ever time to show you how they get their sound, how they make those insane bass sounds and then giving you some seriously classified information!!!!
    DubKasm are repping Cargo Recordings to talk about the process of producing modern Dub music and how they work their sounds to get an authentic Dub feel within the digital domain.
    Applepips signing - Gatekeeper, will be doing a very special talk all about how music is mixed down to sound BIG on a soundsytem. This is a specialist talk, look out!
    Also our fantastic resident lecturer Wedge will be going in depth into the world of synthesis, to give you a deeper understanding of Additive, Subtractive, FM and Granular styles (Also 'resampling' techniques).
    This is out biggest event yet, and fantastic day for networking, ideas and most of all inspiration. To find out more about how to book your place on this extra special day, please head to:

    VIDEOS POLICY - As you may be aware up until now we have been filming the talks in full and making them available for download through our site. From this seminar onwards, full videos will no longer be available. Only a 60 minute video of 'Highlights' of the day as a whole. This is done regrettably, but with the interests of the event at heart, as to keep it special and make sure it is worth the travel for all those serious about learning how make great music. Thanks for your understanding. :twothumbs