Multistage - Wednesday Evening / Equinox - Alpha Proxima (Senses remix)

Wednesday is a really nice rolling tune with some floaty synth antics underpinned by a clattering break. The tune changes very subtley as it goes along and is good for some fade mixing and bringing in the bass. It's not often you hear a tune with such a low bassline with this level of melody which makes a nice change from the ultra abrasive basslines which have been more popular amonst the dark crowd lately.

The Alpha Proxima remix lays bare the elements of the original track without as much padwork as was prevalent in the original. Concentrating mostly on beats and Senses dark atmospherics while booming way down low in the bass bins. The main melody doesn't show itself til half way through the track and changes the mood completely. All in all a solid release from the Inperspective camp which should please most drum and bass fans.