Multi Function Management - Representing the next generation of D'n'B stars

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    Multi Function Management
    Representing the next generation of Drum’n’Bass Artists
    Started in December 2011, Multi Function Management thrives in promoting the next big thing. Our artist roster consists of the very best in up and coming Producers, DJs and MCs that are available for club bookings and performances. These artists have been hand-picked based on the work they have put in, crowd they pull and achievements they have made throughout their careers and trust us when we say, they will be the next big acts in the drum and bass industry.

    Jayline / Levela / Turno / Alpha / Dominator / Nu Elementz / Decimal Bass /
    Konichi / Lyptikal / Lady V Dubz / Shufunk / Complex /
    Cabin Fever UK (live P.A. & Showcase) / DJ S.O. /
    Alter Ego / Salvage & Splice
    MC Mekar / MC Danja / MC Double J / MC Envy​

    To celebrate the launch of Multi Function Management, we are offering selected discounts on various bookings and multiple artist bookings.
    Please ask for more info.
    Contact Details
    To book any of the artists or to request press packs, please contact either Callum or Sophie on:
    Tel: +44 (0)7976099121

    Also check out our feature on Nu Urban Music's Website