mSdoS @ Oldschool pt.3 ... my ''Aerosoul'' Junglist Movement


Mar 30, 2008

1. Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix) (Metalheadz)
2. Baraka - I'll Be There (Boogie Beat Records)
3. Dillinger - Sovereign Melody (Deadly Vinyl)
4. Tek 9 - Slow Down (Nookie Remix) (Reinforced Records)
5. Adam F - Lighter Style (Section 5)
6. DJ Krust - Jazz Note (V Recordings)
7. Essense Of Aura - Let Love Shine Through (Moving Shadow)
8. General Degree - Papa lover (Street Tuff Records)
9. DJ Phantasy - Atmosphere (Alex Reece Remix) (Rogue Trooper)
10.Hopa & Bones - So Sweet (Outcry Recordings)
11.Bassline Generation - Beginning To Fly (Mask Records)
12.Andy C - Roll On (Ram Records)
13.Dr S Gachet & Audio Maze - The Dreamer (Gachet Rmx) (Labello Blanco Recordings)
14.Dread Bass - Moods (Second Movement Recordings)
15.Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction (Metalheadz)
16.B Jam - Funkula (No Smoking Records)
17.P-Funk - P-Funk Era (True Playaz)
18.T-Power & MK Ultra - Mutant Jazz (SOUR)
19.Rogue Unit - Good 2 You (Urban Gorilla Recordings)
20.Red Dragon - Wicked barrel (Vizion Sounds)
21.Soundman, Don Lloydie & Elisabeth Troy - Greater Love (Hardstep Mix) (SOUR)
22.Alladin - We Enter (Deep Forest VIP) (Aladdin)
23.Remarc - Sound Murderer (White House Records)
24.Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style (Tom & Jerry)
25.The Brock-out Crew - Hardcore romance (Fist 2 Fist)
26.Marvellous Cain - Dub Plate Style (Suburban Base Records)
27.DJ Nut Nut feat Frankie Paul - Special Dedication (London Some'ting Records)
28.King Of The Jungle - King Of The Jungle (Vip Remix) (Breakdown Records)
29.Dead Dread - Dread Bass (Dread Recordings)
30.Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up (Lick '95) (Breakdown Records)
31.Blackstar - Sound Clash Dub (Congo Natty)
32.Time Line - A Part of Life (Rebirth Records)
33.Marvelous Caine - The Hitman (Remix) (IQ Records)
34.Remarc - Sound murderer (Loafin' In Brockley Mix) (White House Records)
35.Droppin Science Vol 3 - Firin' Line (MCA Records)
36.Doc Scott - Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits rmx) (Metalheadz)
37.Top Buzz - Living in Darkness (Ray Keith mix) (Basement Records)
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