msce - happy breakbeat mix part 2 all kniteforce

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    Hey... :eek:

    this is the 2nd part of the happy breakbeat
    mix series again an all kniteforce mix
    with absoulte oldskool classics........

    59mins .. 220 kbps .. thx to serious d

    1.cru-l-t - snow in summer

    2.kf23 - wht label

    3.kf21 - wht label

    4.luna c - knite in paradise (rmx)

    5.kf009 - whtlabel

    6.poosie&cru-l-t -hear me hear me

    7.kf18 - wht label

    8.evil&luna c - the real

    9.kf18 - wht label

    10.alk-e-d - selecta

    11.ham - most uplifting

    12.future primitive - we re fliying

    13.kf29 - wht label

    14.trip2 - the erb

    15.jimmy j&cru-l-t

    16.xperience - sweet dreams

    17.kf29 - whtlabel

    18.alk-e-d - shining bright d - i need your lovin