mr meh aka Kroppah - Unusual Suspect


Dec 27, 2011
nice intro. liking the vibes after the drops!

the bass build up before the drops seems a bit plain though. maybe tune up the mids and create a bit of an atmosphere before the drop.


Unsigned DnB Producer
Jun 18, 2011
Santa Clara/San Diego
cool song, dont like the cymbals tho. try using different samples or pitching your current ones like a beeatch and hi passing them for some shiiiiine. kick drum needs to be layered with a brighter punchier kick that is hi passed around 200 or so hz (cause its kinda muddy and boring)

also i wouldnt recommend just copy and pasting the drop again... i figure this is just a rough draft where ur looking for feedback on the drop but in the end youre gonna need to add much more variation to keep people listening! you should vary the notes in the bassline as well as making the edits cptunicorn said.

good start tho, cheers!

oh and i'd love your feedback on my latest track:
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