DnB Mr Joseph - How You Make Me Feel LP [Fizzy Beats]


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Feb 5, 2017
The Netherlands
Fizzy Beats:
'Mr Joseph is back for 2018 with another slice of liquid funk freshness with 10 soulful and jazz influenced cuts that span across Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Downtempo and Chill-Step. ‘How You Make Me Feel’ is Joseph’s attempt at breaking out of Drum & Bass and applying his unique style to surrounding genres.

‘How You Make Me Feel’ is out on the 7th May from all good digital download retailers.'

1. How You Make Me Feel
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fhow-you-make-me-feel 2. Familiar Feelings (W/ Mr Science)
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Ffamiliar-feelings 3. Foolish Love
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Ffoolish-love 4. Explanation
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fexplanation 5. Lazy Thoughts Of You
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Flazy-thoughts-of-you 6. The Way I Treat You
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fthe-way-i-treat-you 7. I Hate You Too
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fi-hate-you-too 8. Deadly
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fdeadly 9. Missing Your Grace
https://soundcloud.com/fizzybeats%2Fmissing-your-grace 10. Tricky Question
Really feeling 'Familiar Things' and 'I Hate You Too' tbh :)
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