Label Mr Bugg - Fresh Start EP - Forthcoming on Hybrid Records + other news!

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    Its been a while since any new productions have been let out of the Bugg Lab so heres a heads up on whats forthcoming from Mr Bugg in 2010.

    First off is Mr Bugg's debut EP " Fresh Start " coming on Hybrid records in the next couple of months.
    This is a return to the style of dnb that everyone knows Mr Bugg for, musical, original and distintly Bugg!

    After a couple of years focusing on his mc'ing and performing across the uk, Mr Bugg is back on the production tip and releasing through Hybrid Records and this project will be available for free.

    Listen to snippets here >>
    Tracks :

    Fresh Start
    Call It
    Bitter Dreams
    For Me To Fall

    Also Mr Bugg is back on the dj tip with 3 studio mixes currently available and forthcoming mixtape series " Split Personality " available later in 2010 where both Logic and Mr Bugg come together with lyrical and mixing talents.

    And if that isn't enough Mr Bugg will have 2 more releases forthcoming G13 Records Digital later in the year but more info will be coming on those soon!

    For now check out the snippets, all comments welcome of course and as always and stay tuned!!