[MPR12] Brainfuzz - Incidence / Zardonic - The Law

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    Melting Pot Records Presents:


    Format: 12'' Vinyl & Digital


    A - Brainfuzz - Incidence
    B - Zardonic - The Law

    Buckle up & get ready as Brainfuzz & Zardonic catapult us into the land of the filthy future funk for our 12th vinyl outing!
    We could tell you in great length about how awesome this release is but it just wouldn't do it justice ...
    so check these SOUNDCLIPS & buy the record if you like what you hear, simple as that!


    Artwork by: Ibrah


    Vinyl will be hitting stores any day now, already available at

    Melting Pot Records Online Shop


    Digital as from August at all the usual online retailers including our Beatport Shop

    MPR Crew