[MPR11] Krone, Malsum & Ox – Genesis/Opening the dragon gate

Nov 28, 2007

[MPR11] Krone, Malsum & Ox – Genesis/Opening the dragon gate

12” vinyl & digital download

A/ Krone & Malsum – Genesis
AA/ Krone & Ox – Opening the dragon gate

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Followers of the deep & techy sounds of drum & bass will no doubt be already acquainted with the unique talents of Spaniard kRoNe. The term “music that tells a story” is often used rather loosely, but it fittingly describes what kRone, Malsum & Ox have achieved with this release.
“Genesis” illustrates the origin of existence, coming to life in a divine manner as celestial arpeggios and mystical vocals amalgamate and elevate. The intro progressively grows until dawn breaks, giving way to stunningly beautiful synthwork, warm basslines and rolling drums. An experience you’ll want to renew time after time, be it at home or in the club.
In Eastern Asian mythology, the dragon is a water deity: benevolent and a symbol of fertility & power.“Opening the dragon gate” mirrors these ancient beliefs and values with its lush, flowing synths, organic harmonies, fluid drumwork and compelling, powerful basslines. A tale of epic proportions that will move you in more than one way.

Already available in all good record stores, digital release in March at Beatport, Juno, Digital-Tunes, etc...

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