[MPR10] Kenei - Shockwaves EP

Nov 28, 2007

Ez peeps,

Some of you lot may have noticed (or maybe not hehe) that MPR11 was released
before this 10th instalment...anyway, we hope you'll agree the wait was
worth it as Kenei delivers a double dose of neuro niceness on his(and our)
first EP!

[MPR10] Kenei - Shockwaves EP – 2 x 12” vinyl & digital download
A/ Kenei & Proktah – Shockwaves
B/ Kenei – Innocence
C/ Kenei & Brainfuzz – Trust No One
D/ Bulletproof – Black Salvation (Kenei Remix)

Check www.myspace.com/keneimusic or www.myspace.com/recsmeltingpot for

After a string of successful releases aswell as performing his live act in a
good many countries, Kenei has become a name synonymous with cutting edge
dancefloor drum & bass.

For his first EP, he decided this was an opportunity to collaborate with
talented producers & friends Proktah & Brainfuzz on “Shockwaves” & “Trust no
one”. Bulletproof’s huge “Black Salvation” gets revisited whereas Kenei’s
girlfriend was on microphone duties for “Innocence”.

With this latest offering, he’s managed to conjure up an enthralling mixture
of eerie yet beautiful atmospherics, delicate synthwork, crunching drums &
infectious basslines...Without forgetting that all important ingredient: a
healthy dose of funk. The perfect balance of high-octane dancefloor energy &
intricate progression & details.

Available at all good record stores.
Digital downloads released in March at Beatport, Digital-Tunes, Juno, etc...


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