MPD's! Do you use one?


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so I got some money buring a hole in my pocket and a case of GAS. I'm really tempted to invest in an MPD, whether that be maschine, push, akai, etc.
I'm thinking it would be cool to add some pads to my workflow that have some properly implemented software for ease of use. I currently have an LPD8, but hate the pads on it, it makes a fair old noise when you try and play, which is shitty and distracting. Theres not enough pads to get properly creative with it either.

So, does anyone here use an MPD of sorts? What do you use and how does it fit into your workflow? Would you recommend it?

My main reservation is not knowing how it will fit into my workflow effectively. I spend a decent amount of time manually sequencing beats, which whilst fun, is also time consuming and I tend to loop mong for a while and end up wasting time.
Pads on Maschine are probably the best ones and are a real pleasure to play.
Honestly I don't use Maschine very often(I've got Mk2) but occasionally when i want to just sample something and immidiately play it I go for Maschine cuz its slicer is the best out there and workflow is top notch. Or if I just want to fingerdrum a bit, or to capture quick ideas.
Then I usually bounce everything out from Maschine and drop to Cubase(I really wish Cubase could support drag'n'drop to VSTs...). I don't like the sequencer and midi editing is a pain.

Also library is huge and have a lot of usable sounds and kits. And you get Massive and Scarbee Mark1, Reaktor Prism and Solid Bus Comp(I don't like it and prefer VBC or Glue more but still) for free too.

So probably if you want just pads and don't mind extended controls you should go with Maschine Milkro.
As for Akai MPD pads there are quite different from Maschine's and lots of people don't like them or even do modding stuff to make them more responsive(I believe there is space between rubber pad and actual switch so u need to hit harder).