MPC for Production / Performing


Aug 16, 2011
Hey guys :)

been thinking of getting myself a second hand MPC1000 for song writing / Performing. Just want to get away from the computer screen while making music.

Anyone here who has any experience with this? Thinking about using it for laying out the tune and then tracking it back into Logic just for the final mixdown.

Also, I wanna use it to as a live sequencer to sync it with my MicroKorg synth that I have already, maybe get a FX unit as well (KaosPad or something). I saw the 1000 has 6 separate outputs, so I could get an analog mixing desk to get proper control about different parts of the tunes...

A live act without a laptop would be really cool but I haven't really seen that in DnB yet. So not really sure if it would work well... But I just like the idea, better than just running ableton or playing CDs :)

Any thought? :D


Jul 27, 2011
My uncles got a MPC , its a 2000 i think but i'm not to sure. I love it! especially for making Hip Hop beats and sample work is awesome as well, when i use it i usually get the basis of a song down then import it into my daw and arrange it properly and give it a better mixdown etc. if i had enough cash i would get one or even maschine.

I'm not sure about the live act part but i think icicle does a love show with hardware only, could be wrong though.
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