mp3s that get mastered really quiet


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Apr 2, 2009
does this piss anyone else off?

99% of mp3s are good and loud (pretty much fill the whole waveform type loud, as an example) but every now and then one will get put up that's about half the volume and quiet. can't the record label notice this?

annyoing :(

(cue - "apologia" is the one that's just made me make this thread)
Break - Breakfast is also poorly mastered. Never happened with RAM release I bought. And I have a few more, Foreign Beggars feat. Noisia - Contact (Noisia Remix) for the one.
not always to do with the master... can be the mixdown by the artist! plus this obsession with 'loudness' these days is annoying, rather have dynamic range than a flat wall of loud!
not always to do with the master... can be the mixdown by the artist! plus this obsession with 'loudness' these days is annoying, rather have dynamic range than a flat wall of loud!

Exactly! Read an interview with Basher speaking about this recently. Mixers have gain controls for a reason...
Well it's really annoying to have to increase gain like 1.5 time for one tune above the other just because someone couldn't do a proper mixdown/mastering...

Thats sort of like saying its really annoying having to adjust the pitch because someone couldn't make a tune at the "proper" tempo... Fair enough it shouldn't be miles away, but a bit of level variations hardly rocket science to fix.

People should care more about the quality of the tune and how its delivered rather than how hard it gets smashed by a limiter.
But the tempo defines the tune as well as the key it's made in and so on. Changing gains every now and then sucks, because it's easy to accidentaly forget about it and then you blow some heads off with the next tune (with proper sound levels) on that deck. And it's not 1.5 times the gain, I was exaggerating :D Still those tunes needs to be boosted up to double the original volume. I buy those tunes anyway, because I like them and want to play them out, but it's not something I'd be fond of so to speak.
People have different ways of working. This all depends on what DAW, what elements, how many of them and how they mix down a track. It all has to be balanced and thats the actual hardest part about making music. From my experience it is, the more elements you have the harder you'll have it. I doubt anyone from the big mastering houses will have problems getting a track as best and loud as possible without any crackles.

The problem with the loudness war is that everyone is still doin it and as long as this is the case you're forced to go the same route.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that it can have various reasons why something is too quiet or too loud. I mean seriously, Fresh - Gatekeeper is way too loud...
wed need a proper standard or just because of this reason, the loundness war will never end.

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i mean they got one in films aswel, and the sound in films isnt shit, quiet or overcompressed. would love to see that within music..
Download 'Platinum Notes' made by the same people who make 'Mixed in Key'. It makes a copy of an mp3 you already have and increases the volume of the track without affecting the quality. Now all my mp3s are the same volume and never have to touch the gain. Its pretty long winded but best program I've found so far to combat this problem. It also decreases the volume for tunes that are way too loud.
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