MP3s of New CD Packs

Deejay Quest

New Member
Dec 30, 2011
Chicago, USA
So, I recently moved to the US, having spent my entire life in the UK with easy and simple access to a local record shop, and therefore vinyl and CD Packs. I can 'just about' get by with Beatport for most of my DJ needs, but I miss being able to pick up CD packs. I have looked at all the major websites for places like raveology etc... but they only offer the CD packs for shipping, and I really want the MP3s (which is all I convert the CD pack too anyway).

Does anyone know of anywhere or anyone who sells the CD packs as downloadable MP3s - aside from Warning (whose quality is not great)?

I am more than willing to pay, and given the current market for media and I am really surprised that more promoters haven't started to offer that. Hopefully it's just a matter of time.
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