Mp3 Mixes Now Up From Last Therapy Session ;-]

Sep 8, 2002
Here are the mp3 mixes from my monthly night at herbal in london "THE THERAPY SESSION". The clubnight is broadcast live every month from and archived on my site. get em quick because they are only up utill i have next months are ready to go!! hope you enjoy sickness and in hell ;-]

The mp3's are up from September 17th!!!

DYLAN & BKEY (but mostly Bkey cos i went home half way through)
MC's 2shy /AD

Check in the DJ Mixes section . The quality isnt as good as last time at some points..sorry about this, technical probs :(

Dont forget the next one!! Wednesday October 15th at Herbal ;]


check it live at wed oct 15th 10pm-2am GMT TIME

peeeaaccee Dylan & Robyn
boh,boh,boh,boh,boh,boh,boh,boh,boh,boh! downloadin atm... cant wait to hear these, john b :devilslay
:devilslay :devilslay :devilslay :devilslay :devilslay

Heard nothing but good about that night so can't wait to hear them, espeicially Jon B's set, heard he played Hey Mickey before a new version of Blandwagon Poo's (Sorry almost forgot to use the new name Rinse It Out Propa, Propa).

Big up to Dylan for giving people who couldn't make it (or in my case someone who'd never heard of it until the day after) a chance to listen to what sounds to me like a very heavy night!!!!!

:devilslay :devilslay :devilslay :devilslay :devilslay
Just listened to the John B set.................HEAVY!!!!!!!!!

I swear he was using three decks on some mixes and he had some loop from Alien Girl as well cos he kept dropping the intro but it jus carries on and doesn't drop!

Then came that Hey Mickey moment and then drops the new Blandwagon Poo's and then straightafter Blandwagon Poo's he played a dnb remix of an old 80's tune called Love Missile F1-11!!! It proper surprised me because a couple of days before I heard this relick I was rumaging through my parents collection to see if they had anything of interest and I came across this tune but the original. Its called F1-11 and its by and electro band called Sigue Sigue Sputnik!!! Check out the sleeve at the bottom of the post and check the haircuts!!! I can see where John B's getting his inspiration from now!

I tried mixing it with drum and bass and it fucking worked!!!!!!!! Shame the tune's a bit shit and a bit 80's but I just think that's fucking weird and massive big up's to John B for doing something different cos it brought a smile to my face when I heard an 80's remix then thoughraly new pisstake and then an 80's remix/pisstake!!!!!!



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