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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

Kongkretebass KONGKAST #90 is Here!

This week on Kongkast, we bring you one of the biggest Dubstep production trio from New Zealand - TRUTH (Deep Medi Musik, Disfigured Dubs, Aquatic Lab/ NZ )! A special Preview exclusive mix for their upcoming “FATMAN TOUR” soon to be experienced here in Hong Kong!

With releases on Deep Medi Musik, Disfigured Dubs and Aquatic Lab, Truth has made a big impact in the Dubstep scene with their bassline riddims.
Their music has been supported by some of the biggest names in the scene including Mala, Skream, Benga, Mary Anne Hobbs, Hijack, Joe Nice, Emalkay, DMZ & Goth Trad to name a few.

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Truth “Fatman Tour” @ Hong Kong

Many thanks to TRUTH for bringing this special Dubstep set to KONGKAST - Hong Kong's dnb podcast!

Listen in and enjoy. Turn up your speakers - the louder the filthier!

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Track listing and more about TRUTH below…


KONGKAST #90 - feat. Truth (Deep Medi Musik, Disfigured Dubs, Aquatic Lab/ NZ )

(artist - title - label)

01 -TRUTH- Terror Planet - Aquatic Lab
02 -SKISM-The Blank(16Bitremix) - Wicky Lindows
03 -TRUTH - The Future - Dub
04 -THE PRODIGY - Warriors Dance (Benga Remix) - Take me to the Hospital
05 -TRUTH - Dead Silence - Dub
06 -BULLETPROOF - Black Flower - Dub
07 -KITO - Don’t Wanna Lose you - Dub
08 -ANTISERUM - Indaverz - Dub
09 -TRUTH - Wednesday - Disfigured Dubz
10 -TUNNIDGE- Higher Forces - Boka
11 -TRUTH- Bubba Ho Step - Disfigured Dubz
12 -Skream- What He Say - Dub
13 -ANTISERUM - Mofo - Dub
14 -THE OTHERS - Monster Mash - Dub Police
15 -SKREAM - Metal Mouth - Dub
16 -TRUTH - The Fatman -Deep Medi
17 -BENGA - Buzzin - Tempa
18 -BULLETPROOF - Soundtrack To Forever - Dub
19 -BABYLON SYSTEM - Regardless - Dub
20 -THE OTHERS - Robofunk - Dub
21 -TRUTH- Dissapear - Aquatic Lab
22 -CRUSHINGTON - Macabre - Dub
23 -TRUTH - Amnesia - Dub
24 -SPL - Cobalt - Hollow Point Recs
25 -TRUTH - Revelation - Aquatic Lab
26 -RICO TUBBS - Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix) - Menu Music
27 -TRUTH - Stay - Disfigured Dubz


About Truth (Deep Medi Musik, Disfigured Dubs, Aquatic Lab/ NZ )

Truth, undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s greatest Dubstep exports; have been making a huge impact around the world with their heavy bassline riddims. An encounter with dubstep visionary Mala (Digital Mystikz) inspired the New Zealand trio to try their hand at a new sound. The result was blinding, a style that defies categorization; encompassing an array of melodies, vocals and spacious beats that range from half-step stompers to the deeper profound realms of sound; all with one common element which underpins every track; a heavy bassline riddim that lays sheer force on any system heavy enough to handle it.

Truth’s big riddims have been quickly snatched up by a number of established labels including Mala’s seminal label ‘Deep Medi Musik’ with the huge 12”, (The Fatman / Stolen Children). Skream has picked up four Truth tunes (Stay / The Future/ Wednesday / Bubba Ho Step) and will be releasing them as an double vinyl EP 12” featuring for his label ‘Disfigured Dubs’. Australian label Aquatic Lab has just signed two 12″ vinyl releases along with a track for their album. Truth also have a 12” forthcoming on New Zealand based label ‘Optimus Gryme Recordings’ (Payback / Optimus Gryme- Immortal- Truth remix).

Truth’s huge dubplates have been receiving vast DJ support from around the globe with artists including; Mala, Skream, Benga, Mary Anne Hobbs, Hijack, Joe Nice, Emalkay, DMZ & Goth Trad to name a few with their beats being dropped at shows from venues as far away as Club Love in New York City to DMZ in London, from Double Happy in NZ to Sonar in Spain, as well as featuring on Radio shows including the world’s number one, ‘Rinse FM’.

Truth are extremely talented DJ’s, holding down one of New Zealand’s biggest international and national event companies. They have been honing their skills for years alongside the worlds best, as well as mixes for radio shows and podcasts, each receiving huge accolades from the lucky listeners, you can be sure their set will be a set to remember.

www.truthdubstep.com – coming soon!
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