Mozrt-`Destroy the Silence EP`

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    Free Love Digi presents...

    Mozrt - Destroy the Silence EP

    Free Love Digi brings you more heavy dubstep pressure made to massacre
    dancefloors around the globe. The production duo Mozrt hits us with an EP
    filled with catchy hooks and signature galactic bass. Mozrt is here to prove
    they mean business and are hear to stay.

    LABEL: Free Love Digi
    ARTIST: Mozrt
    TITLE: Destroy the Silence EP
    GENRE: Dubstep
    CAT: FLD007
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-07-30
    TRACKS: 4

    MOZRT - Colorshifting (Original Mix)
    MOZRT - Lonely Days (Original Mix)
    MOZRT - Take Away the Sadness (Original Mix)
    CU Dubh Feat. MOZRT - Wickerman (Remix)

    from Beatport
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