Moving Fusion - Mystery Stranger / Attention - Viper

After a few years apart to pursue solo projects, the boys are truly back in form with a fresh Moving Fusion style perfectly fit for 2012. Making their comeback on last year’s Matrix & Futurebound ‘Worldwide:001’ compilation album with the kung-fu roller, ‘Black Belt’, as well as 'Makosa' on Ram's monumental 'Ram 100' album, the duo announced to the world that they were back and more hungry than ever.

Moving Fusion are now ready to unleash the first of many forthcoming projects on Viper Recordings with the dark, soulful bass-vibes of their first single on the label, ‘Attention’. With three cuts of the highest order, including ‘Mystery Stranger’ and ‘Tear Your Soul’, Moving Fusion prove that in a time when producers war with each other to see who can make the most noise and be the loudest, it doesn't have to be that way in order to grab the attention of the dance floor!

Moving Fusion
1. ‘Attention’
2. ‘Mystery Stranger’
3. ‘Tear Your Soul’
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat # VPR042
Format: Limited 12” & Download
Released: 20th February 2012

Forthcoming on Viper Recordings:
Matrix & Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham – ‘All I Know’ (Mar. 2012)
‘Headroom EP Vol. 5’ (April 2012)
InsideInfo – ‘Grow EP’ (May 2012)
ShockOne – ‘Universus LP’ (Spring 2012)
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this was one of the last good tunes by moving fusion duo... ever since they been a total :-/ i'm not ranting that "bring back the good old sound", just trying to say they haven't had the touch for almost a decade now.

this ep is yet another :-/
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