movie scores

da inspector

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Apr 11, 2003
Does anyone know how to gain access to full movie scores or even partials. I read an artical a long while back in dj times that high contrast get majority of his samples from them he quoted loving to use i think john carpenter films and reservoir dogs
you have to record it onto your PC......

audio output on TV <-----> audio input on soundcard

probably the best way to do it if you dont have proper recording equipment, get a stereo minijack <> stereo minijack cable, run it from the headphone output socket on the TV, to the line in on the soundcard

Sometimes you get that nasty TV whine that way (as heard on "To shape the Future") Maybe best to do from video?
if you're gonna record from a VHS, use a Hi-Fi VCR, and record straight into your PC from the audio output....

....the sound quality will be ten times better then from a mono VCR.....


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