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    Movement at Bar Rumba this thursday (15/07)... We're blazin' as usual! Would like to thank everyone who came down last week to celebrate the launch of the latest Liquid V album, it was wicked and we're looking to follow up all that fun with some more!

    DJ's :

    Bryan Gee
    Potential Badboy
    Andy (Brasil)
    Spy (Movers & Shakers)
    Raise (Happy Hour Host)

    MC's :

    Stamina MC


    Bar Rumba
    Shaftsbury Avenue
    8pm - 3.30am

    £4 before 10pm / £7 after.
    £4 Members / £6 NUS

    *Due to new licensing laws, drivers license or passport may be required to ensure a smooth entrance!*

    Don't forget, you can catch The Sound of Movement Radio Show, every thursday with Bryan Gee from 8pm-10pm via