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    Firstly a big thanks to everyone that came down to the debut of the dynamic duo (LTC) last week at the Rumba Sessions. It was a blast!!!
    But the fun is far from over when Movement are involved...! This week...

    Jungle Retrospective Special! We're bringing it back to take you forwards!

    Our DJ's have dug deep and carefully to prepare you sets to jog your memory and bring back the vibes from the early days!

    DJ's :
    Kenny Ken
    Ray Keith

    MC's :


    Bar Rumba
    Shaftsbury Avenue
    8pm - 3.30am

    £4 before 10pm / £7 after.
    £4 Members / £6 NUS

    *Due to new licensing laws, drivers license or passport may be required to ensure a smooth entrance!*

    Don't forget, you can catch The Sound of Movement Radio Show, every thursday with Bryan Gee from 8pm-10pm via - BUT NOW IT GETS ONE STEP BETTER!
    You will now be able to listen to The Sound Of Movement on Sky Channel 0198