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Mar 21, 2002
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Movement/Drive By @ Creation, Bristol 3.6.2002

My first time clubbing it in Bristol, and so a lot was riding on Movement and Bristol's Drive By to put on a party worth remembering. Although, our evening was nearly spoilt within the first few minutes of arriving in Bristol by a scabby, nasty little crackhead, by the time we reached the Creation queue, we were all ready to rave! After a swift queue and no search (!), we were admitted just as Nicky Blackmarket was doing the damage to the ravers already inside.
Now I know you lot aint thick, you all know what your gonna get from a Blackmarket set, and tonight was as predictable as ever, though I hate to say it as he really is one of the nicest blokes in jungle. 'Chopper', 'Police in Helicoptor' and '2 Degrees' were all rolled out to the delight of the dancefloor, Micky Finn's cheesy 'Badass' even got the double rewind treatment (WTF!), which worked out quite nicely, seeing as the man himself stepped up to mix out of his tune.
Now this was a surprise cos Micky Finn wasnt on the flier, but when he stepped up behind the 1210's, everone knew who it was. Carrying on in the same vein as Nicky, Micky rolled out the classics for all the Bristol heads - 'I Got 5 On It rmx', 'Junglist' and 'Warhead' were all there, but before we knew it, he was packing his bags and the last tune was put on, making way for the b2b onslaught of Drive By's very own Gerard and Clipz.
Now this was the first time Id seen these two, and I was not disappointed! Tight, precise mixing and an interesting tune selection made it a very memorable set for me, not least because of the brand, spankin new 'LK' vocal mix (not the Stamina one!) which even Mc Dynamite said he hadnt heard before! Thank god for Creation's CD deck!!!!
Next up, time to get continental with the one they call the Dj Patife. Again, this was the first time Id heard him so I was keen to see what he was like, and, once again, I wasnt disappointed! Although, not as technically efficient as Marky, Patife still has as much enthusiasm for the music, which was clear from the fact that he couldnt keep still for a minute, even when trying to cue his next tune in! The tune selection was tops too, with gems such as 'Barcelona' and of course 'LK' causing maximum devastation over the sound system. As an added bonus, we also got Tali singing along live to her and Suv's 'Do You Remember Me?'.
After what seemed like forever, Patife's set (sadly) came to a close, but when Mc Foxy announced Roni Size and Marky were to be playing a b2b set, I dont think anyone noticed. Opening with an ultra-quick mix of 'Aint Too Loud' and 'Twist em Out', Marky and Roni continued to assault the senses of everyone still in there. What did it for me about this set was the tunes. After hearing Roni had been cutting a few days before for Homelands, I knew he was gonna have some stormers in his box, and indeed he did! Tune of the set would have to be the awesome 'Deadline vip' which also got the double rewind treatment (more deservedly so than Badass!). The only problem I had with this set, was that next to Marky, Roni's mixing seemed poor and slow, but then again, next to Marky's, I think most people would!!!

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