Motion Theory On The Philly Element Mon Dec 8th 2003


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Nov 23, 2003
LA, California
Motion Theory Exclusive Mix live on Bassdrive - The Philly

10pm EST on Monday December 8th on live visuals by



Motion Theory :: Mohawk / Breaking Up In Reno :: Signal Recordings [PROMO]
- White ::


Motion Theory :: Airhead / Bloodstain :: Gain Recordings [OUT NOW] GAIN 14

about motion theory

Vince and Bjorn met up in 2000 at the local recordstore where Bjorn used
to work...
After some beers and discussing hot chicks and new plates, they decided to
make a tune together since they had the same views on drum and bass and
how it should evolve. A few days later already, "Gunshot" was born. Since
then, they' ve kept pushing the edge of their sound, arrangements, beats
etc to create drum and bass they really feel.

After a dry producer-spell in 2001,
the duo made a tune to play at an illegal rave with 3000 ppl...
It had no name till that night ... but when they saw the crowd brocking
out to it like a bunch of Drunken Monkeys.
The tune named itself!

"Drunken Monkeys was our first tune to have a decent sound and to get
played inside AND outside of Belgium, it was the first time we had the
chance to show people besides our friends what we are about"

This was only the start; they jumped back into the studio more motivated
then before and cranked out some tunes after intense producing,
knobfiddling and abusing bassfrequencies, and no more social life left.
"Panic", "Hallucinogen", "Cosmotrash", "Infamy", "Steamboat", the more
lush approach on "Venice" and the flashed out "Fairy Dust", got the floors
in Belgium moving in their sets and caught the attention of several other
producers globally.

"A big shout goes to Arqer and Realtime ... underrated guys that helped us
from day 1 ;)"

When they and a couple friends started up the well known Rinse! parties in
Belgium to support the local drum 'n bass scene they got in touch with
Vector Burn and several other drum 'n bass producers/dj' s...

"Vector Burn was one of the first people to really believe in us... we
sent him some tracks, he liked them and gave us some support. We decided
to do a tune together when he was over, and it worked out well... "

Vector Burn & Motion Theory made "The day the oceans boiled"... a tune
that went straight to number 3 in the weekly top 10 on DOA - probably the
biggest drum 'n bass forum in the world

After that they made a more bassheavy tune called "Trojan Run" with the
Danish talent Pyro... and recently they had some studio time with Dj

"Toby (Kontrol) is a fine bloke, a lil' nutty but we get along just fine,
like mamouthsauce and fries :P "

So now, 3 years, a lot of tunes and several collaborations later... with
growing support over the years and coming from all corners of the globe...
Mackie and Nexxi from the Gain crew immediatly fell in love with their
tune "Airhead" and decided to sign it to Gain recordings alongside the
neurofunk stepper "Bloodstain"

Today, Motion Theory has not only signed tunes to Gain but to the new
imprint "Signal" aswell... and this is just the beginning.

They enjoy support from people like :
ArQer & Realtime, Dara, DJ Marky, Mikrob, Random Movement, Burner
Brothers, Concord Dawn, Counterstrike, Pendulum, Mason, Basic Operations,
Dj Tags, Typecell, Defiant, Mayhem, Impulse and many others...

"We would like to thank all those people that supported us.
Especially Mackie, Nexxi, Emma and the Gain/Signal crew for believing in us"



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