Motion Theory [EXCLUSIVE] tonight 10 pm EST

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    Nov 23, 2003
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    Welcome to Philly Element Optimized Ver. 2.0 a fresh new approach for 2004
    and what better way to kick off version 2 with a smashing mix from the
    Belgium boys Motion Theory BOH !!!!!

    welcome again tonight we have something really special for you ! a do not
    miss edition of the Philly Element. tune in early cause the mix will be
    played exactly @ 10pm EST on with your hosts Dj Tags &
    Fawkinfabulous along with P:E kru repping it up inside the studio !

    check out their new releases on Gain Recordings & Signal Recordings at or chek em on the web

    also not only do we give you a super awesome set by the belgium boys but
    we also give you really super cool visuals... just go to click on live tv and you will see the most amazing
    trippy video to go along with the set !! again that is also starting at
    10pm EST tonight !

    ps.. we need ur help
    1 more thing we need to reach our goal by tonight by raising 25 dollars
    for bassdrive ! if you can donate anything it would be gladly appreciated
    just go to and send your donation to
    or or just hit me up via aim to find out how !!
    thanks a bunch

    peace - see u all tonight :)
    Philly Element Promotion Kru !!! :alchy:
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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Seattle, WA
    Hey I listened to most of this online tonite. It was pretty tight! Big up to the Philly Element crew, Bassdrive, and of course DrumnbassTV.
    WORD... :banana: