[Most Recent Track] Don't Do It


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Oct 25, 2009
very good for your second dnb track... i like the filter twists you have in the bass, but dont think the melody is particuly strong personally.... not bad for how long youve been going atall :) mixdown aint bad as well... i would be looking to involve some more effects, and personally see about making that first bassline more catchy somehow... i reckon the snare and kick could come through as well.... little things really.. good work mate!

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Oct 31, 2010
Nottingham, UK
Thanks for the response. I think, especially with this track, I have the habit of making drums too quiet for some reason. I've been doing some work on a new track and once I'd turned the drums up it really kicked some more life into it! I've also been playing with Parallel Compression, which I'm really liking :D

Glad you liked the mixdown of this track :)

On a side note I have been making music for a while (mainly Metal and Industrial) so this isn't the second piece of music I've ever done. However, I'm still an hobbyist and I'm not making any money from creating/mixing music yet :D
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