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Beat The Machine
May 15, 2009
Hey all, been hard at work in the studio for the last week or so- I got some new track samples together and I wanted to get some opinions on them. Are things I could do better on these tracks? Any recommendations on how I could extend them past the 1 minute mark fairly easily? Your thoughts are all welcome! Thanks for listening.

The Singularity:

Target Aquired:


The Singularity:

this is sick dood, just gotta beef your drums up a bit more so you can feel the main rhythm (snare and kick) push and pull against the bassline. right now the drums sound cool, just need some depth. as far as extending that's your own thing man, gotta get in there and figure it out.

see if any of your snares have some natural boom to them (look around in the 150-300 range and find a way to boost that. be creative with it though, just boosting those freqs for the entire break can throw off other parts of the kit.
if you don't have some natural EQ, steal some from another snare or use a slightly pitched up kick to do it (using a kick can sometimes sound cheap-o)

when you play the pitched up warbly bassline, it really adds character to the tune... maybe play off that whn you start extending the track.

P.S. do the drop some justice with a better breakdown for sure, no drum rollin' to the finish man ;)
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Bassline and surface noise sound tight on this, same problem with the drums, just don't punch enough -- check out parallel compression and sidechain compression

there's a crappy edit (or glitch in the player?) just before you transition to the double-time on the bassline. double-time on the bassline sounds cheese, you are trying too hard with that. kinda cool old skool reese sample.

some heavier drums come in awhile after the break that have more bass in em' really noticeable so maybe bus all your breaks to an FX channel and get a little help matching EQ balance from a compressor/limiter (ultra soft please)

has potential, but I say you keep working on singularity still

big ups
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Thanks yo,

The mix def needs work, and these tracks are very rough (as you can tell by the short length).

The side chain really needs to get in to effect, but I've really only started experimenting with it in Ableton, I normally mix/master more rock style music for my label, in another app so I'm def going to need to do some adjusting with regards to the q points of the dance music. I think your abs right on the snare now that I'm listening to it, this applies to all my tracks- so you're suggesting side chain the the master fader out with a side chain in those freq ranges? I know what you mean by "stealing" The snare Q from another snare, but that might also throw the whole thing off too, I'll have to play around with it and see what I can put together.

You called me out on nanotechnology. I've been toying with that breakdown for a while trying to get it right, my thought was I was going to add it in again later in the track and really smash it out of the park if you know what I mean...

Your review have been very insightful and I really appreciate it! Thanks for getting back to me and I'll make sure to get you more tracks in the short term, I've got a whole mix coming soon! :wave:
I really like the intro in The Singularity but i was expecting stronger drop and it was kinda let down for me. That second track Target Aquired has great drums and feel to it. I usually prefer more melodic dnb but these are pretty cool tracks. Well done.
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