more dirty ...

Firstly dont upload on youtube if you showcase your production, the shitty quality makes it very hard to comment on the production. Soundcloud and reverbnation works pretty well, even myspace is better than youtube. Anyway from what i could hear u need more eq-in, the bass is still too raw imo. To make ik phatter, bigger, filthier or whatever u wanna call it, I suggest to split the freqencies, so you got a low-end bus and a mid/hi bus. This way u can procces the mid/hi with some effects like reverb, distortion etc, without making the low-end muddy. If the bass isnt low enough u can always add some nice sub under it, sine works very well imo. It pretty much about layering + resampling it to get a real nasty bass. Hope this helps. Good luck!
id have a field day with that bass, and if you made it with a synth, well done. you will get better with eq'ing over time. your ears will start to her things clearer
I'm not familiar with the signal flow in reason, but yeah, I would use aux sends and returns to bus the bass to different channels and go nuts with some effects. Use a low/high pass filter or eq to isolate certain frequencies then apply fx. Distortion, flanger, phaser, filters, chorus.....just experiment and see what you can get away with before you get too muddy. Subtle is good.
And then on the master bass bus you can put some compression to bring it all together.
Or if you have a sampler that you like to use you can render to audio and resample, adding fx that way.
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