Morbid Fantasies


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Feb 8, 2002
Idk bro, I think it's very musical, you program with the bass synth like its a mono synth you're jamming on, full tune in one take. Then the HP filter edits in the end. So you have a pretty sturdy beat, a synth line and an arp melody on top and it's pretty clean.

Simple, straight out the daw, musically quite basic, so I think you can imagine my criticism? Also, you need sub, so layer a sine under your lead bass to play along. Your hihats could do with balancing with the kick and snare a bit, but I think the main point is its not processed so it sounds raw and stylistically the musical arrangement could be more effective.

What artist is it you're trying to sound like?

Do you know bad company 'planet dust' or 'the pulse' even if that's not what you're after in terms of aesthetic, their sound is heavy and their arrangement is killer, so maybe look at those tunes a bit, that's solid advice for anyone making dnb


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May 11, 2019
Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't actually trying to sound like anyone with this, I was messing with and FM synthesizer and literally everything else fell around it. With regards to the bass, I sent this over to a mastering engineer (SAS mastering) who told me to fix a few levelling issues before he would master it, and sub frequencies weren't one of his issues. I use also use a spectral analysis prior to sending it for mastering and everything seemed pretty level. Obviously levelling is still something I'm still learning. But I'll take your point on the hats and the other stuff. Thanks again.
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