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Feb 26, 2019
Hi everyone,

Passionate about djing and drum & bass, i spent days and days to create a youtube channel that reflect my love for.
The concept is easy : traveling through all styles in DNB and create an effect when you are listening the mix.
I was under a lot of pills to help my depression and Drum & Bass, music, saved me from that.
I tried to do perfect mix, without mistakes, but there is sometimes.
I'm improving everyday.I tried to create a artistic atmosphere in Video with aftereffect.
I tried to create a story with names tracks respecting the theme of the mix.
I'm trying to offer a bonus in each mix with advices, story, definitions ...

Thanks to everyone for you good tracks available on this forum.

Hope you gonna like it and tell me what i can improve.

Kiss <3


-> Cinematic
-> Orchestral
-> Fantasy
-> Mythological
-> Dark
-> Retro
-> ...

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