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Jan 7, 2004
Hi - I was wondering if anyone has any information about who the "Undisclosed artists" behind "the months" series on Formation records, last year, were. The series put out one record per month, with the title of that month - ie "January" in January etc..

Apparently, there were only 3 artists participating in the series, but I havn't been able to discover who they might have been.

Any help much appreciated..

I got Jan - March and november

Only title I know is that the A side of november is called "granny basher" by twisted individual
jay walker said:
Easy Sayber - was that the vocal one in October with the string intro? That one was tiiight!!

You found your passport yet amigo?

Whats up amigo yer thats the one really nice intro that's why i kiked it so much definetly one of the best from the series!! As for the passport I haven't got a clue, Mesh took a massive weight of my shoulders earlier by telling me I didn't need it just another photo ID card will be good!! Bigup the Mesh :cool:
hey does anyone know what tracks are on the january and november ones??? ive been offerd em but dunno if thier any good really, cant find any audio??
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