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Dec 8, 2014
On Nord Label number 6 DYL finally makes his appearance with his first solo EP here on Nord Label. He has been part of the Nord Label family from the early days and we’ve been working with him on two previous releases, during which the idea of a solo EP has been growing with every day.

As with our two previous 7“ installments, we’re taking a trip into the experimental spheres through a maelstrom of sounds. Monoceros paints a picture of the mystical and beautiful world between the stars. And yet it doesn’t give into any romantic notion, but shows the harsh and unforgiving nature which hides behind the nights sky.

The B side is occupied by Kernel Panic. A noisy and distorted dream that brings back memories of the supernova displayed in Raumschiff Orion. But even if you haven’t spent your days watching old sci-fi series, you can feel the unnerving atmosphere of the tune running through your mind.

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