Monkey Buisness "Too Much" / Drummer Boy "How


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Mar 4, 2002
Monkey Buisness "Too Much" / Drummer Boy "Howya" (Looney Toonz BLT01)

OMG! This is the 12" of the year for me! From what I've heard this 12" comes from the Irish label BassBin. I've never really heard of this label before so now after hearing this I'll check for all the future releases.

Drummer Boy "Howya" is the tune on the info side. Its a real laid back number which doesn't sound like the crap DnB thats been comming out at all. It sounds like 1991 bleep and bass hardcore with a nice ragga edge to it. Its hard to describe, the tune goes through so many interesting change ups. One things for sure, if you don't smile ear to ear when you hear this, your FUCKING DEAD!

Monkey Buisness "Too Much" is the TUNE OF THE YEAR (for me). This tune is everything I could have ever wanted in a 2002 DnB tune, and I MEAN THAT! THIS IS A TUNE! The beats start out kinda like a Total Science track from last year It kinda sounds a bit like "Gravey Girls" till the big bad drop. Thats right, it drops into a full on 4/4 beat chipmonk vocal. This chipmonk vocal isn't half assed like previous attempts, no sir, these are FULL ON CHIPMONKS BAYBE! Then the tune goes into a beatless bit with 1992 rave cords before breaking into the most 1992 breakbeat yet in a DnB tune. This tune is so fucking hot you might need to replace the needles everytime you play it.:crazy::lickface:

I rate this 10/10!
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