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Sep 5, 2008
Land lords suck.......big donkey cocks

Anyways been told i need to take my wall mounted Monitors off the walls as they are decorating and i cant put them back up as they decided to wallpaper..........anyways, i suppose i best ask the peeps in the looking now for some good quality monitor stands ( these are for mixing not production ) id like them at head hight the same as my wall mounts were but i read so much about quality of sound and how it can be affected by shoddy quality and materials.

Question is.......should my landlord stop his love of Donkeys OR what monitor stands should i aint a problem but im guessing 100-150 quid for a pair?

What do you lot have that you have found to be good?

Cheers all!! :)


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Feb 8, 2002
my mate has got the... whatre they called again... theyre like 700 quid for the pair, but he bought the monitor stands with them and hes real glad he did, great for positioning and for sound isolation

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Mar 24, 2002
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I dont think your lanflord can say even mouse's balls about it, if the walls are in good condition when you leave the place.

But basically you can do it with most anything that is solid or filled with an absorbing material. If you use tubes or pipes filled with those packing bits that look like cheesy poofs or whatever, you should use a softener pad underneath the monitors to reduce vibrations to the stand.
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