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Jan 23, 2012
I recently went to a local music store and listened to some monitors. I liked the Yamaha HS80 the most, but I hesitated because they were humming quite a bit. The Staff said that's due to the room, power supply etc... customers seem to have bought them and never complained afterwards. I was in the studio of a friend of mine who has the HS50s and they were just perfect. I also listened to the KRK Rokit and didn't like 'em at all, really don't understand why so many people use them. It comes down to prefernce i guess. I ended up buying Samson Rubicon R8a und a sub 10a (from Thomann btw.) The Sub was broken on delivery but Thomann replaced it quickly wihtout any problems. The Samsons have similar tweeters to the Adam Rx series, but are not quite as good and not nearly as expensive either. They are not produced anymore, so you might get a good deal somewhere.
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Feb 26, 2012
the standard rokit's are poo IMO, i've had the 8's & 5's, my mate has the vxt 6's and to be honest they are pretty naughty!

got the hr824's myself and they are spot on.... although i regret not checking out the Adam's, a lot.


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Sep 23, 2011
I got the Rokit 6s in the end, got them home, set them up, then took them back because I didn't like them. Ended up spending the extra to get the Yamaha Hs80s, and I'm pleased I did.. Very clear monitors for the money compared to most others, best ones under £500 that's for sure
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