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Monday Night Massacre - 7-8pm, with myself [ Richie Stix ], StepTwo and MC Rubber... a recording of our debut show. After a dodgey connection for a moment and channel 2 on the mixer going before the first mix, :rolleyes: :oops: we finally got all the gremlins ironed out... take a listen, come back and listen again! :D

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track listing
nightwalker - head nod
prestige and nik itch - the will be blood
freez (aka recluse) - current events
Taxman - Sleeze
billy the kid - the good, the bad, the ugly
(distorted minds remix) jakes - warface
dj evol - war torn cities remix
vital elements - outside
complex - optical illusion
sly and pasco - very dark
pleasure - soundwave
tyke & recipe - try it out
micky finn & aphtodite - bad ass remix
dj evol - turn it up
soundz destructive - police tape
Dose & D Tox - Rat Bastard
Sensai - The Blade
Ego Trippin - The man with no name
digital era - the raid
jayline & vast - the mummy
chowda - little people
sly - rock n roll
Ego Trippin - Chapter 3
Sensai - Strangers
dj evol - revolution is here

I'll get the missing ones filled in!
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