Monday Mixtape Vol.3

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    Hi everyone. I just uploaded a new mix to my soundcloud page. I started a new Facebook "fan page" on the advice of some promoter friends and DJ's. If you feel like stopping by and "liking" it, I'd be most appreciative. If you just wanna listen to the mix, that's cool too.

    Bassline Secret-Loko
    Dank-Rene LaVice
    Deep in Your Heart-Hamilton
    Hot Love-Break
    Not Deep-Rene LaVice
    Meow-Rene LaVice
    Music Makers-Tyke & Prestige
    Under the Stars-Wilkinson
    Go With the Flow-S.P.Y.
    Nows the Time-Mind Vortex

    As always, this mix was made using 2 shitty CD decks and a mixer. Hope you enjoy.