Radio Monday FEB 22nd | Corinthian Radio | DIOPTRICS + KRYPTONITE


DIOPTRICS [Jacksonville, FL] [Abducted Recs]

Dioptrics has been making their mark on the drum and bass scene world wide since 2002. Breaking through the drum and bass barriers all the way from the studio, to the cdj's, they bring the sounds that keep the dance floors moving every time. Known to represent the upfront neuro styles, they bring the perfect blend of intricate mixing, heavy ... See Moresynths', and intense bass lines. With the launch of their new imprint, Abducted Records (myspace. com/abducted_records), seeing every release hit the charts on sites such as Beatport, DOA, Trackitdown, and more, they are quickly making a reputation as a major force within the drum and bass scene world wide!

KRYPTONITE [Atlanta, GA] [Household, Corinthian]

Atlanta based DJ Josh “Kryptonite” McGinn has been a member of the electronic music scene since late 1998 when he drawn to the sounds of Drum and Bass. His love for hip hop drew him to the heavily sampled sounds of Aphrodite and other popular jump up artists of the time. His tastes quickly changed, however, once he heard the Dieselboy CD, “A Soldiers Story.” He loved the dark, rolling basslines of labels such as Renegade Hardware, and quickly knew he had to become a DJ. He bought his first pair of turntables in early 1999 and began spending hours on end practicing and searching for new tunes. It was in late 1999 that Josh helped form the Dark Force Camp DJ collective along with his good friends DJ Kain and MC Hubz. They proceeded to smash dancefloors across the Southeast for the next 4 years and shared the stage with the likes of DJ Craze, Adam F, DJ SS, Twisted Individual, Sinthetix, Ed Rush & Optical, Juju, Empress, and Reid Speed. Josh took a break to start a family in 2003 when his first son was born, but continued to play parties on a one-off basis for the next few years. In late 2007 Josh's love for music was reinvigorated in an instant when he happened upon while searching for an A-trak remix he heard on a mix. He was instantly drawn to the electro sound in the same way he had been initially attracted to the Drum and Bass sound back in the late nineties. He knew immediately that he had found his new calling and began scouring blogs and online record stores to get his fill of new music. With the purchase of Serato, he decided to dedicate his time an energy once more to destroying dancefloors with his electro sound. Since that day, he has already played along with the top names of the genre, on an almost every weekend basis. Kryptonite is a fast rising star in the Electro scene, getting bookings near and far, and getting them often. Thus making him one of the most sought after names out there right now. Josh is known for his smooth layered mixing, with crisp levels. The kind of mixing that can only come from having a veteran's ear. When he is mixing, he does not give up and does not relent, rarely if ever, giving you a break on the dance floor. You can catch him playing Electro/Fidget/Bassline/Crunk, and Baltimore Bass, on any given night of the week, and in any given city of the country. Make sure that the next time you see Kribby on a bill in a town near you, you get your ass to the show, and prepare to have it shaking all night long.