Radio Modulate presents... Katanga

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    Tune in 7-9pm, Weds 17th Feb at Chatroom available at

    Katanga has been on the dnb trail for 14 years now and mixing for 10. He produces his own dnb tracks and has also recently been producing dubstep alongside Felon; collectively they are known as Sonic Trauma. He helped organise and dj'd at the first free party he ever went to (after only 7 months on the wheels of steel). During his tour of duty in Southampton he rinsed out dnb in many of the eclectic dance music spots and had close links with Squeeze 18 and Get Twisted, who held some of the most acclaimed dance nights in the city. During this time he shared line-ups with the likes of Danny Wheeler, Marcus Intalex and Decoy. Dedicated to the cause and getting big in the game, a recent trip to Plymouth saw him step into the breach straight after Cause4Concern. Katanga is based in London and is one to watch. Expect incendiary productions and dj sets tighter than a ducks ass ;)

    Modulate is a collective formed of North London dj Deficit and Belfast dj Tracksuit Mafia (now also based in London). The pair met a few years back and started clubbing together regularly, sharing a mutual love of dark, hard, techy drum & bass and dubstep. Modulate currently runs a weekly radio show, sponsored by Intense Records, which aims to showcase both up & coming and established d&b, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. A bi-monthly London club night is planned for late 2010 with possible record label to follow.