Mods, delete my account...


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Aug 14, 2008
if you need a reason let me know and il give you one, but I don't want my name associated with this place.

this guy had some real issues. sent me a few abusive pm's yesterday

Merely flack from banana arena. Gets a bit too abusive from feedback apparently. Talk to me if you get any abusive PM's again and we'll deal with the matter my friend.
such as ??.. spill the beans, i wnna know if he can be added to dnbforum twats wall of fame .. with decoy twatterpuss and voice

i got this out of the blue yesterday

grow up, its only the internetts dude


i sent one back saying who are you and what are you talking about and i got this

shut up you little gay

guy thinks he's the almighty just coz you can buy a few of his tracks for a quid on some second rate download sight
Please tell me this isn't the same guy who's been posting on DOA and who's close to a ban there too
people who use the 'it's only the internets man' arguement, then themselves get wound up becuase 'it's on the internets man' are fucking faggots who fail at life.
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