Mode.Radio's 3 years old: DJ Marky and DJ Miles Long


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Mode.Radio February--Since I got these mixes up late, these will be the mixes of the month...

The Stash 37--DJ Marky--Podcast 16

One of the first drum 'n' bass DJ that I fell in love with was DJ Marky. My first CD of his that I bought was "The Brazilian Job" in 2001. Ever since then, whenever I see a DJ Marky set on the internet or in the stores, I have to buy it.

In March 2009, I download this set from DJ Marky's website,, and It hasn't left my iPod ever since. A very good d'n'b set, it's full of surprises and filled with DJ Marky speaking about tracks he's using.


1. Lynx & Kemo - Deez Breaks
2. Die & Break - Get Some
3. Random Movement - Kids In The Sea
4. ?
5. Mistical - Time To Fly
6. SPY - Moving In Circles
7. Commix - Bear Music
8. Interface - Get Low
9. Drumagick ft Dynamite MC - The Drummer
10. Stunna - Back In Time
11. Random Movement - Waterlogged
12. Total Science ft MC Conrad - Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Super Jungle VIP)
13. The Futures - Aint No Time Fa Nothin

Debut Series 47--DJ Miles Long--Front Street

About 3 months ago, got a follower from a fan of DJ Sikora's, Miles Long of Kentucky. It took me a while to listen to it, but when I finally got to it, I was pleasantly surprised. This is really good Drum 'n' Bass/Dubstep collection of created about 3 months ago.

Starting out as an emcee and audio engineer in 2000, Miles met another young producer who introduced him to Daft Punk, and fell in love with Electronic Dance Music. Several years later he purchased his first set of turntables and took to the stage himself, throwing events with other local crews and playing festivals. He has recently started back to school and is attending Full Sail University for Music Production. You can listen to all his mixes at and his original productions .


1. New Zealand Shapeshifter - Twin Galaxies (VIP)
2. Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation
3. Muffler - Pinball Fantasies
4. DJ Fresh - Hypercaine
5. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (Drum & Bass Remix)
6. Netsky - Secret Agent
7. Agent Alvin - Moonlight Bay
8. Reso - Slap Chop
9. DJ Fresh - Talkbox
10. B-Complex - Beautiful Lies (VIP)
11. DJ Fresh - Acid Rain
12. DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Vocal DnB Remix vs. Flux Pavilion Dubstep Mix)
13. DJ Fresh - Fight
14. Lily Allen - The Fear (The Count Saves Lily Allen From The Fear Remix)
15. Pendulum - Watercolour (Emalkay Remix)
16. DJ Fresh - Chacruna
17. Unknown Artist - You've Got To Know
18. B.O.B. Featuring Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You (TC Remix)
19. New Zealand Shapeshifter - Lifetime
20. Matrix + Futurebound - Coast 2 Coast
21. Unknown Artist - Unknown Track (Sorry!)
22. Danny Byrd - Moonwalker
23. SugaRush Beat Co. - Love Breed (Danny Byrd Remix)
24. Danny Byrd - Ill Behavior
25. Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Sigma Remix)

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