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    This month's "Subterranean Sessions" features part 2 of a set from DJ Ideal

    Here's the tracklisting:

    Lm1 & Indigo Sync - Remote Justice
    Kubiks & Ztek - Level Plains
    Simon V & Telmo A - The Rhythm Track
    Beatman - Inka (SKC remix)
    Phetsta - From My Eyes
    Inside Info - Mega Drive One
    Dan Marshall & Prime8 - Jungle Jazz (Dkay remix)
    Noisia - Diplodocus
    Glide - Karakuri
    Offdate - Dozen
    Beneath A Steel Sky - Scanner
    Inside Info - The Verge
    T-Phonic - The Haunting
    Beneath A Steel Sky - Vikinga
    Inside Info - Perfect Crime has changed their website (due to the CRAPPY podcasting site we were using before). You can now find at and listen to the show.

    You can also listen to the show on's myspace [​IMG]

    iTunes will be updated this week