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Mode.Radio February/March


The Stash 45--Danny Howells--This is a Test
We normally know Danny Howells as a house/techno DJ. But in April, 2011, fans got a pleasant surprise with a drum 'n' bass mix from the internationally known DJ. Some of the tracks were created by Danny Howells...

1) Mute & Mako – Astral Transmissions (Recipe016a)
2) Danny Howells – September (Furney Mix) (Dig Deeper)
3) Spectral Soul – Lost Disciple (Shogun Audio)
4) Danny Howells – Black Cat (Total Science Mix) (Dig Deeper)
5) Octane, DLR & Survival – After Glow (AT010)
6) Misanthrop – Latitude (Neosignal 007)
7) Octane, DLR & Survival – Spectrum (ATA010)
8) Misanthrop – Sidereal (Neosignal 007)
9) Interface ft Eddie K – Get Down (SKYZ 009)
10) Danny Howells – Flight Home (Matrix Mix) (Dig Deeper)

Listen to the mix HERE.


Debut Series 52--DJ Staf

Atlanta DJ Staf has been djing since 15 years old. He has graced us with this Dubstep mix done in December, 2011. He is affiliated with the labels Black Reign LTD, Flight Recordings - Corithian Recordings.

1) Chase n Status ft. Deliah - time (queensways rmx)
2) Modestep - sunlight (Hulk rmx)
3) ?
4) Ellie goulding - lights (Phebus rmx)
5) Koan sound - meanwhile in the future
6) Eminem n doc dre n arion - i need a doc (reswna n ale-man rmx)
7) Deadmau5 - raise your weapon (sluggo n nerd rage rmx)
8) Nero - crush on you
9) Boomman n Titttboi n yo gotti - up in here (Mayhem rmx)
10) Avicil - Levels (Skrillex rmx)
11) Subfocus - rock it (Stanton warriors rmx)
12) E.T Fels starry eyed
13) Evol intent - under ft jackie b
14) Logam - Ronit Infernal Anxiety
15) some wa wa
16) Die antwood - enter the ninja (Cybertooth rmx)
17) bass
18) Ellie goulding - the writer (Subvibe rmx)
19) havoc4need - heartbreaker
20) Heros n Villians - NAZ (Jody breeze future mashup)
21) choon
22) Skrillex - all i ask of you (catalyst rmx)
23) Maroon 5 - Moves like jagger (Aaron bond rmx)
24) Jakwob - right beside you
25) B.O.B mashup

Listen to the mix HERE

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